Red lipstick as a personal source of strength

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I love red, it is a symbol of adventitious occasions. I associate red with warmth, positive energy, and motivation which excites my emotions and as well as stirs feelings, positive strength and triggers ambitions in me. Think of  Christmas, Love, Valentine, we women know how crazy we are about having it all red, red roses, red dresses, red all over. If there were a possibility to turn red on Valentine’s day, I know you too wouldn’t be left behind.

It really does bring lots of great things along.

Red lipstick was never my prefered color of lipstick. Personally, I love lipstick I feel naked without it. But I never felt like Red lipstick suited to my skin tone especially without my make up on.  Whenever  I wore it, it  never looked appealing to me and didn’t bring out the ME I wanted to see when I stare in the mirror. So, for a very long time, I had been focusing on trying all other colors and avoiding red, till a couple months ago while shopping with my close friend.

She urged me to try it on, cause she thought red and brown go extremely well together.  As usual, I was reluctant due my initial beliefs. She insisted further, so I made the leap and purchased Revlon Red Super Lustrous Lipstick. Although it wasn’t instant shift in perspective, with time and practice, simple sweeps of vibrant color helped erase years of self- doubt and bestowed my lips and confidence. Turns out my assumptions may not have been true after all. I  now own around 9 tubes of red, with probably two shades on my person at all times. I even wear red glitter once in a while, which came as a huge surprise to me.

It absolutely looks so sophisticated and beautiful when contrasting with my skin color, matching the rest of the makeup and depending on my outfit of the day. I feel it sends me back to the 40s when people spent so much more time on their appearance.

Clearly, a bright red lip will grab the attention of any man on the street (although most men may not admit having a strong opinion about lip colors).  It’s bright, bold, and it accentuates one of our most sensual features.

Whether it makes you appear high maintenance or enhances your confidence, red lipstick makes a statement that will keep you outside of your comfort zone.

What’s your favorite lipstick color? Let me know in the comments section below.

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