Learning to love Yourself

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“You are your own biggest fan!” We’ve all been told this through grade school, by our parents, by the internet. But what happens if it just isn’t true? Many people suffer from crippling self-doubt. Whenever we must make a decision, we agonize over it and think we’ve made the wrong choice once it’s done. We incessantly compare ourselves to arbitrary standards being pushed on us from all sides. Not only does all of this make our lives more difficult, it has negative ramifications for our mental wellbeing. How can this be fixed? Well, the first step is to become our own biggest fan. Once you learn to love yourself, many other aspects of personal wellness will fall into place! Here are a few tips to begin your journey to self-love:


Get Accomplished

A sense of accomplishment will make you feel great about yourself. How do you get it though? Try setting yourself some long term and short term goals. Maybe make a list on your fridge or your phone, and when you complete a task, check it off. Watching your list get smaller will make your sense of personal pride get bigger! No matter how great or small the task, you can congratulate yourself for completing it and moving forward in a positive direction.


Get Inspired

Look for sources of inspiration. In recent years the advertising industry has become increasingly aware of diversity and body positive movements. Not long ago, we were constantly bombarded with unattainable beauty standards or discrimination when we browsed the internet or a magazine. Now, there are people and groups everywhere whose mission is to show us that each individual holds immense potential, and all you have to do is unleash it. Find someone on social media who stands for what you believe in. Take action, even if it’s as small as a follow or an Instagram hashtag. These small steps are the start of a journey to self-acceptance.


Get Healthy

You are what you eat; food is fuel. These sayings are cliches for a reason. If you feed yourself junk, you’ll feel like junk. Your body needs nutrients to run properly, and if you don’t give it a proper balance you’ll feel sluggish and terrible. If you eat well, it will be easy to get active. Check out lifestyle and fitness blogs and find an exercise routine to fit your goals. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals that make you feel good. Nutrients and exercise are the building blocks to physical and mental well-being. We dare you to go for a half hour walk and not feel good about yourself!


Get Social

Having a strong circle of supportive friends is essential if you want to feel good about yourself. Everyone gets down on themselves sometimes, and everyone falls down. It’s so much easier to stand up and get going again if you have someone to help you. A good social group will provide you with positive reinforcement when you’re having trouble, and they’ll also give you an outlet to goof off every once in a while. After all, nobody can be serious all the time! Have fun, appreciate your friends, and appreciate yourself!


A Concerted Effort

Loving yourself isn’t a decision that can be made, or a switch that can be flipped. It’s a change of mindset and a change of lifestyle. It’s also a goal that anyone can meet if they want to. Take small steps in all of these ways at once and watch how your life transforms into one where you’re comfortable in your own skin and moving forward in a way that excites you.

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Until next time, stay healthy.