A random day at home.

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There are just those days once in a while where you have too much time and too little to do. This happens to me mostly during my holidays. 24 hours seem longer than a lifetime when I’ve nothing keeping me busy.

So i spend 8 hours  sleeping, 4 hours doing house chores  which mostly consist of   just me cooking my favorite meals and house cleaning. However, i prefer doing my laundry on Wednesdays and Saturday evenings, since i go for tennis practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays which helps to put my afternoons to good use.

That usually still leaves  me with a little over 10 hours to figure out what am going to do next. Well, it´s a good thing that I really enjoy reading fashion magazines , so i spend part of that free time reading through 5 to 6 copies, with a bowl of candy and a glass of a mango, banana, coconut tropical smoothie to go along with it.

When am not reading I’m usually glued to my notebook screen brainstorming  and researching on a list of projects i have pending. Besides that, you can find me planning birthday gifts for my niece and nephews or checking my email and sorting my bills out.

Occasionally, I get visits from close friends and acquaintances and these are usually my favorite pass times, there’s always so much to do that my days fly by without me noticing.

My closing activity of the day is me working out. I noticed that I sleep better when I exercise and take a cold shower just before I tuck myself in bed.

So how do you spend your free time? I would love to hear about it in the comments section.