Daily routine Habits to a great start of my day.

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Hello Lovies! Hope your having a lovely and enjoyable summer. Mine is quite the opposite, when it’s comes to my sleeping routine, it is quite messed up. I am  staying up longer hours and sleeping less. Nowadays my morning alarm is worse to me than nails on a chalkboard. I hit snooze a few times and roll back over, before I finally get up. Still, the snooze button is not my friend and the thought of sunbeams through my window is cringe-inducing.

Besides of affecting my running early in the morning because of work, It’s having a huge impact on my productivity levels, happiness, and even my overall health. To me, morning exercise improves my energy levels, slash stress and reduces food craving throughout the rest of the day. On Fridays  however, am able to leave work  a little earlier so I train in the evening which always feels easy.

At times I wake up on the clock ,I waste amount of time picking out what am wearing to work or class. It feels awful starting my day off in a stressful hurry,  most of the time  am forced to grab-and-go- breakfast bars and meals that I eat on my way. Cereal is my common breakfast but it not the best choice for the early hours

I have realized this is affecting a lot in my life especially my attitude towards everything and it has become a bad habit. I started thinking about how I can develop a better morning routine. I still have a lot to learn, but here are some strategies that I’ve found to be most effective for me getting the most out of the mornings

1.Managing  my energy not my time.

I have realized that am better at doing my certain tasks at certain times. For example, my creative energy is highest in the morning , so that´s when I do my writing. By comparison, I block out my afternoons  for phone calls and emails. I don’t need my creative energy to be high for those tasks, so that´s the best time for me to get them done. And I tend to have my best workouts in the late afternoon or early evening, so that’s when I head to the gym, do outdoor activities or even my tennis practices.

2. I Developed a pre- game routine to start my day.

My morning routine starts by pouring a cold glass of water. This tiny routine signals to my brain that it’s time to get into work mode  a refreshing wake – up call for my muscles and organs. Some people kick off their day with ten minutes of meditation. Similarly , you should have a sequence that start´s your morning ritual. It also helps me overcome a lack of motivation and get things done even when I don´t feel like it.

3. Banished the snooze button.

I set my alarm for when I need to get out of bed and resist the urge for a few extra minutes. It´s tough at times, but it’s better  in the long run. Avoiding buzzing sound’s does help, i set an alarm that wakes me up to music or a pleasant noise, I rouse from sleep more gentle and relaxed way.

4. Preparing the night before.

I noticed getting everything ready for the next day before going to bed that’s picking out my outfit, packing for my classes, making a quick to-do list  also putting together and deciding what I will have for breakfast etc. Not only does these save my time but it make’s my morning less stressful

5. Using technology for some extra help.

I also found assistance from my smartphone, I found plenty of apps that make my early hours better. from an app that tracks my sleep cycle and wakes me up during the lightest part . A few days ago I got a Amazfit device, despite it’s simple jewellery- like appearance , the wearable is fully functioning tracker able to record steps, distance traveled, calories burned monitors my sleep quality and enabling alerts for incoming calls.

Just as it’s rare for anyone to experience overnight success, it´s also rare for our lives to crumble into pieces in an instant. It’s the choice that we repeatedly make that determine the life we live. The way you start your day is often the way that you finish it.

What change to your morning routine has made a huge difference in your day? What parts of your early hours still need work? Share your scheduling strategies in the comment section below