Activate Charcoal Plus. Can Activated Charcoal really Whiten Your Teeth?

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About a month ago, I picked up a trend on social media – Instagram to be specific – that was increasingly becoming popular. Quite a bit of posts on my timeline spoke about this teeth whitening solution called Activated Charcoal Plus.

Well, I’m not one to easily get carried away by popular trends but this one caught my eye and I couldn’t help wondering if really works or it was just another one of those products that promised the world but delivered none.

So I took on the challenge and ordered one for myself with a silent promise that if it didn’t do for me half of what it promised, I’d write a scathing blog post and expose them to my followers so none of them would fall for it.

It turns out Activate Charcoal Plus actually works!!

Now imagine how different your life would be like, if one day you woke up with an infectious smile of gold that somehow made at ease everyone around you, and turned your personality approachable and likeable.

That is exactly what happened to me on the morning of July 13th when I checked into work and my best work mate tapped me on the left shoulder and whispered “I like your blue jacket … and that new smile you’re wearing!”

I hadn’t noticed I was smiling until she brought it up!

I had been using Activate Charcoal Plus for 2 weeks already. True, I had already begun to notice some significant changes in my teeth’s coloration and my teeth were quickly whitening but it hadn’t dawned on me how conspicuous it was becoming.

It made sense suddenly. See before I moved to Germany at 15, I grew up on the slopes of Kenya’s Rift Valley and it didn’t escape my attention that while the folks in my estate used the likes of Colgate and Aquafresh to clean their teeth, local natives used charcoal instead.

In stark contrast to traditional toothpaste, Active Charcoal Plus detoxifies your mouth and teeth with coconut activated charcoal powder. As a result, your teeth whiten and your enamel becomes strengthened, and in the process preventing cavities and gum diseases.

I was brushing my teeth using this new solution (Active Charcoal) twice a day by pouring a small amount of powder in the palm of my hands and dipped my moist brush in it. I would brush for up to 3 minutes and rinsed my teeth to remove residue.

And just like that, it changed my life. I’ve become more confident than I ever was and I credit myself for having taken that first step of ordering Active Charcoal Plus, even though I was still on the fence about what it could do for me.

So I’m confidently recommending it to all my fans and followers today. You can order it from Amazon and have a go at it by yourself.

I’d love to read your experiences using it in the comments section below.